about us

World Wide Christ Mission

The aim of  World Wide Christ Mission is to equip the saints with wisdom for the end times and to spread awareness of God’s grandeur throughout the world. Jesus is coming for a lovely church, a people who have been sanctified and made clean via the word’s washing with water (Ephesians 5:25-27). Thus, the Holy Spirit is emphasizing truth that get ride of imperfections from both our personal and corporate existence. This is what drives us.

We serve clients at every level of their organization, whether as a trusted advisor to top management or as a hands-on coach.

Jesus prayed to the Father for the truth—even the word—to sanctify the Church (John 17:17). The word must thus come alive in and through us in order for us to be the lovely Church that is living in the fullness of Christ. We are dedicated to preserving the accuracy of God’s word and disseminating revelation that has been inspired by the Holy Spirit. We also collaborate closely with members of the body of Christ who share our goals and dedication. Together, we can make the corporate Christ visible and promote the gospel of God throughout the universe!

The ministry platform World Wide Mission was established by Dr Gladys Nchaw. The Lord gave him the ability to write the day after he accepted Christ as his Savior in August 1986. He wrote on the recent days for 19 hours on this particular day. He carries a distinctive prophetic scribe’s anointing and is also a prophetic teacher with a desire to provide the saints with knowledge that will enable them to prosper in the final days.

Apostle Eugene Nchaw is happily married to Dr Gladys with children.

If you would want to summon Apostle Eugene Nchaw to your church or gathering, mail to: admin@worldwidemission.org